Monday, August 18, 2008

Reflections from Taylor Wettech

I couldn't wait to return to Kosovo. In many ways, I felt I'd been preparing for it ever since the 2005 trip. Prior to that trip I had been apathetic and unsure what I was getting myself into, only to be blown out of the water by the positivity and strength of the Kosovar people. On a trip that was meant to affect change for Kosovo, I felt like they truly had given me more than I ever gave to them. My experience in Kosovo began my goal of doing humanitarian work on a global scale as a career. And so this time around I planned to give my all.

Did I accomplish my goal? I like to think I did. Did I accomplish it in the way I expected to? Not in the least. I helped teach music, a far cry from saving lives or providing food. And I think my first thought was that, because I wasn't having a tangible impact, that my impact was nil. Think again, Taylor! As Kosovo rises from the ashes, it will need less and less monetary and medical aid. But all people, whether they are rich or poor, whether are from a stable or unstable background, living in America or abroad, can gain from teaching and friendship. After all, it was the teaching and friendship of my Kosovar brothers and sisters that inspired me to return to Kosovo.