Friday, July 25, 2008

Yll Marina Concert Photos -July 23

The Muscatine and Kosovar choirs performed jointly at the Yll Marina School in Gjakove on Wednesday, July 23. The lighting was poor, but the singing was superb (as always). Here are a few photos from the concert.

----Kristin McHugh-Johnston

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slovene Village Photos - July 22

Singing with Liz

Health Bus Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not hold our health and eye clinics today in one of Slovene's homes. So our medical/eye team turned the bus that transports us to and from the camp into a mini-medical bus. Remember, everything in Kosovo has a simple solution!

Art with Jon In 2005, Slovene's recreation building was still open. It has since been boarded up. This didn't stop Jon from holding art class in the large open field adjacent to Slovene. No one seemed to mind the large ant mounds as they colored. Jon told me later this was one of the best class locations he's ever had.

Fun and Games Tie-Dye Newborn This Slovene girl brought her newest sibling to health clinic. It wasn't long before Karen Hartman, Keith, and I were clamoring for a photo with this cutie! And for the record, this is the second Slovene baby I have held that did NOT cry (babies always seem to cry when I hold them). What Can I say....Slovene Just Warms My Heart ----Kristin McHugh-Johnston