Friday, July 18, 2008

Two New Videos

One video is an inside look at the health screenings run by Jo Drahos, Mike Hartman, and Carolyn Hines:

The other shows school activities run by a number of our participants:

--Keith Porter

Yll Marina School Arts and Crafts - July 18

Jon was unable to be in two places at once today, so Dan, Margie, Halie, and Abbie Gray joined me and Nick Korpi, Diana Baker, Leigha Phillips, and Rachel Potter to lead the "arts and crafts" class today. Yea, it takes all of us to fill Jon's shoes. :)

Friendship Bracelets

Art Class
Aimee Wedeking was teaching English in an adjacent classroom. Fruits and animals were among the words the students wanted to learn. The fruits inspired several students to color in the fruits they drew in English class. There were plenty of other fun artistic efforts too.

----Kristin McHugh-Johnston

Old Town Gjakove Tour Photos - July 17 - Aimee Wedeking

Narrow Streets

"Zig-Zag" Bridge

Cradle Painting

Mosque Restoration

ZR School Photos - July 17 - Aimee Wedeking

Evening Rehearsal Photos - July 17 - Aimee Wedeking

Prizren Photos - Aimee Wedeking

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video and Radio updates

Two new videos from the trip are now avialable.

This one explains the eye clinics run by Dr. Pete Korpi:

And this one looks at some of the fun from Slovene Village:

AND... there will be a special report from the Muscatine Kosovo Project on KWPC 860AM at 7am on Friday.

--Keith Porter

Rehearsal Photos - July 15, 2008

Members of the Muscatine and Kosovo choirs are rehearsing nearly every evening during the trip at a local school.

The choirs are expecting to perform at numerous locations in the coming days. Here are some photos I took during the first night of rehearsal. Here is a short video taken with my digital camera.

----Kristin McHugh-Johnston

Slovene Village Photos - July 17, 2008

The Muscatine and Kosovo groups split up again this morning in an attempt to reach as many people as possible. Some went to the "ZR School." Others returned to Slovene Village for more singing and playtime. Mike Hartman, Jo Drahos, Carolyn Hines, Rayellen Phillips, and Dr. Pete Korpi started the first round of medical and eye checks for Slovene youth.

Here are some images from this morning's trip.

Faces and Friends

Fun and Games

Medical Checks

Eye Exams

----Kristin McHugh-Johnston