Monday, August 4, 2008

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

Every member of the American group was asked to write down their three favorite things about the Kosovo trip. Below is the list, as compiled by Tamara Morgan, from written responses given during the plane ride from Vienna to Chicago. Special thanks to Karen Hartman and Tamara Morgan for making sure everyone provided input! Here's the list:

Places visited & scenery (Museums,Rugove Canyon,Peja,Prizren)
The Singing/Concerts (esp. Bondsteel & Church Service)
Friendships (new & old)
Teaching the children/working in schools
Time with Kosovar families (Dessert & Lunches)
Restaurants/food/Ice cream (OITA)
Family Stays/free time with the Kosovo friends
Slovene Village
Helping other people/being selfless
Meeting new people
Joy of all people involved/Working as a team (camaraderie)
Mild weather & temps
Hospitality of Kosovars
All the (new) experiences
Hospital House
Getting to know the American people on the trip
Getting to know Kosovar kids/Interaction
Free time in afternoons
Farewell party at River/Baseball game
American adult group meals together
Working around language barrier
Walking around the city
Support/caring/friendship from the people in our group
Staying out late at night
Seeing first hand the confidence SMF brings the kids
Rotary Meeting/Performance
Realizing there is still good in this world
Patience of all the kids
Participating in Saturday Mass at Catholic Church
Music is Love & Peace
Growth of youth/evolvement of relationships
Freedom & Safety
Felling of Home away from Home
Eye & Medical Exams
Cultural learnings & experimentations
Activities with Kosovars
10 million things to do
1 Person in charge at Airports to facilitate security/Passport/boarding
"Old European" feel of country